SiaRich Alpha 2,3-Specific Column

SiaRich Alpha 2,3-Specific Column


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SiaFind™ α2,3-Specific Lectenz® is a sialic acid affinity reagent for the detection, separation and enrichment of
sialoglycans terminating in Neu5Acα2,3Gal commonly found in glycoconjugates (glycoproteins, glycolipids, and oligo- or
polysaccharides). It has high affinity and specificity towards α2,3 linked sialic acids on glycans. However, it does not bind
effectively to branched sialylated epitopes such as sialyl Lewis A/X. This reagent can be employed as a capture reagent in
a variety of applications.

The SiaRich™ α2,3-Specific Column (Cat #SC2301) is a SiaFind™ α2,3-Specific Lectenz®-coupled column for rapid enrichment and purification of α2,3-linked sialoglycoconjugates by affinity chromatography. Specifically bound sialylated glycoproteins or other biomolecules may be eluted competitively or non-competitively from the column.

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Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 285.75 × 222.25 × 111.125 mm
SiaRich α2,3-Specific Column

1 ML

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Form and Storage
The SiaRich™ affinity column is prepacked and FPLC-ready. It is supplied in SiaFind™ Binding Buffer 3 (SBB3; 25 mM EPPS, 110 mM NaCl, pH 7.5). It is stable at 4°C for three months from the date of production. Never freeze the column.

All 5X buffers should be diluted to 1X with ultrapure water. For instance, to make 250 mL, add 50 mL of any 5X buffer to 200 mL water and mix by inversion. All buffers may be stored at 4 to 25°C.

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SiaRich™ α2,3-Specific Affinity Column Information Sheet


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