About Us

Who We Are

Lectenz Bio is a company dedicated to providing novel, effective glyco-research and bioprocessing tools. Our mission is to empower innovation by making glycoscience simple. We accomplish this goal by employing a strong team with diverse expertise in high performance computing and wet lab science. It is through this interdisciplinary approach that we developed our patented Lectenz® and GlycoSense™ platforms—offering new, easy to use ways to study glycobiology.


Where We Came From

Lectenz Bio (fka Glycosensors and Diagnostics) was spun-out from the research group of Prof. Robert J. Woods at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, located at the University of Georgia. We established operations in 2009 at Innovation Gateway, home to several biotechnology companies in Georgia’s Innovation Crescent. In 2013, the company established its satellite operations in San Diego, California as a resident company of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS. In 2016, we graduated from JLABS and relocated the San Diego site to the San Diego Science Center. In 2017, as part of commercialization the company rebranded as Lectenz Bio.

Since establishing operations, we formed collaborations with experts in academia and industry and secured non-dilutive funding through grants, contracts, and partnerships. We have received multiple awards, honors, and recognitions. These accomplishments were achieved by validation of key aspects of the Lectenz® platform, addition of our GlycoSenseTM platform, and led to the development of the Lectenz® product pipeline. The company was issued a patent for the Lectenz® platform technology and is expanding and protecting its intellectual property portfolio.


Our Values

Remember the Golden Rule Humility
Be Actively Transparent Truthfulness
Lean Into Fear Courage
Do What Works Impact
Think Outside The Box Experiment
Get It Done Execute
Acknowledge Success Celebrate