Technology Overview

Lectenz® Bio’s novel products employ our unique Lectenz® reagents and GlycoSenseTM technology to speed up and simplify the detection and discovery of disease biomarkers.

These products enable clinically-significant glycan biomarker targeting for human health advancement. Glycan-based biomarkers are particularly important for disease diagnosis and treatment, yet the lack of glycan-specific reagents and tools presents a challenge. Our innovative glycoscience technologies present a solution that will advance critical research and clinical applications.

Lectenz Bio’s mission is to develop technologies that enable novel glycoscience applications, provide services that enhance glycan biomarker detection, and deliver tools that advance research and clinical applications.

Core Competencies

The company’s core competencies in high-performance computing (HPC), digital biology, and unique wet lab expertise provide the scientific foundation for the development of the Lectenz® and GlycoSense™ technology platforms.

The combination of wet lab expertise, high-performance computing, and digital biology drives our innovative development

Advantages of Lectenz® and GlycoSense™ technologies (patents issued and pending) include:

    • Each Lectenz® reagent is engineered from a carbohydrate-processing enzyme, forming a suite of novel and highly specific reagents for glycan detection and/or enrichment.
    • GlycoSense TM technology measures binding between glycans and glycan-specific reagents conjugated to multiplex microspheres using flow cytometry, which is rapid, simple, and does not require highly trained personnel or specialized equipment.
    • Combined Lectenz® and GlycoSenseTM products offer a robust, unique, and cost-effective solution to current bottlenecks in glycomics and glycoprofiling and are intended to greatly simplify the traditional workflow associated with glycoprofiling while delivering superior performance. Thus, these products will provide quality assurance during biomanufacturing thereby reduce the time and costs associated with meeting current FDA and EMA requirements for glycoprofile characterization of biologics and biosimilars.


Biomedical Research
Infection & Inflamation
Biomarker Development
Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation
Glycoprofiling of therapeutic biopharmaceuticals
Process Analytical Technology
Companion Diagnostics
Cancer Diagnostics
Cancer Therapy
Potential diagnostics for altered glycosylation in disease states