Sialic acid (Sia) recognizing Lectenz® reagents are engineered proteins that have affinity and specificity for sialylated glycans. These Lectenz® reagents have low or no affinity for non-sialylated glycans or peptide backbones. Two types of engineered sialic acid recognizing Lectenz® reagents have been developed and are currently being validated for a variety of applications.


1) The SiaFind™ α2,3-Specific Lectenz® reagent recognizes α2,3-linked sialo-glycans over α2,6, and α2,8 linkages.

2) The SiaFind™ Pan-Specific Lectenz® reagent has broad specificity for sialo-glycans independent of linkage (α2,3-, α2,6-, and α2,8- linkages).


Sialic acid recognizing Lectenz® reagents can be employed as capture reagents or recognition elements in a variety of applications for the discovery of glycan-based disease markers and in the quality control analysis of recombinantly produced biopharmaceuticals, many of which are glycoproteins such as antibodies. These reagents are being adapted for such platforms as affinity chromatography to enrich sialo-glycans, sialo-glycopeptides, and sialo-glycoproteins from pre-treated and crude samples. Pre-treated samples typically come from protease digests of a glycoprotein, and contain a mixture of sialo-glycopeptides and non-glycosylated peptides or proteins, while crude samples are typically from sera and cell extracts. Additional common assays being validated include Western blot (WB), flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunoprecipitation (IP).

Product Development Collaboration

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