Financing and Revenue


Lectenz Bio’s financial strategy targets a combination of grants (private, state, and federal), product sales, and strategic academic and industrial partnerships. These partnerships facilitate additional product validation, adoption, and growth opportunities. The company has previously received non-dilutive seed funding grants from the Georgia Research Alliance and has subsequently secured multi-million dollars in non-dilutive funding from the NIH for product development. Alongside increased sales growth, we will continue pursuing additional non-dilutive funding through a robust pipeline of grant applications to support the development of additional Lectenz® and GlycoSenseTM product lines.

Lectenz Bio is currently prioritizing strategic product development and channel partnerships for further product commercialization. Outside investments would allow for increased commercial efforts, enabling more focused customer acquisition, operational expansion, portfolio growth, and talent recruitment. Our operational costs are mitigated by balancing development between internal resources at local incubators, universities, and external vendors. Please contact us to learn more about our team, our strategy, and the market opportunity.

Lectenz Bio has previously received non-dilutive grant funding from the Georgia Research Alliance and the NIH

Revenue Streams

A diverse portfolio of products will ensure multiple revenue streams including the sale (direct or via distributors) of Lectenz® based kits and services. The successful development of the Lectenz® reagents has allowed the company to develop a diverse portfolio of products and services including:

  1. Lectenz® and GlycoSenseTM kits for glycomics analysis will be made available to customers through value added resellers and distributors.
    1. The SiaFindTM α2,3-Specific Lectenz® kit is for the enrichment of α2,3-linked sialoglycans.
    2. The SiaFindTM Pan-Specific Lectenz® kit is for the enrichment of all sialoglycans independent of linkage.
    3. The N-Glycan Lectenz® kit will be for the enrichment of N-linked glycopeptides for downstream analysis by MS.
    4. Additional Lectenz® reagents will be engineered to further enrich the sample in specific glycan sub-structures. These additional Lectenz® will be made available in multiple product embodiments. For example, as the product line expands and matures, the kits may be offered in several formats, including as affinity columns for use with existing FPLC/HPLC/MS technologies, or in microarray format, or in microsphere format for flow-based analyses.
    5. The company will be expanding is product portfolio beyond Lectenz® that recognize sialic acid and N-glycans. Lectenz® specific for cancer glycans biomarkers, and for characterizing specific glycans such as heparin or O-GlcNAc are already under development.
  2. Service for custom engineered Lectenz® and GlycoSenseTM kits will be available for highly customized applications per customer needs.
  3. Joint ventures through strategic partnerships that employ the company’s Lectenz® engineering platform in the development of custom applications utilizing Lectenz® reagents and GlycoSenseTM kits are being actively pursued. These partnerships will be with the biopharma industry that requires quality control metrics for glycosylated recombinant proteins for bioprocess monitoring and other applications.